Brain Dynamics Toolbox

Version 2023a is the latest release. It works with MATLAB R2020a or newer, but we recommend MATLAB R2023b or newer for its improved DDE solver. Installation is as simple an unzipping the source code and adding its location to the matlab search path. See the Handbook for details. If you use the toolbox then please cite it.

  • Heitmann S & Breakspear M (2023) Brain Dynamics Toolbox (Version 2023a). Zenodo.
  • Heitmann S & Breakspear M (2023) Handbook for the Brain Dynamics Toolbox. 8th Edition: Version 2023. Sydney, Australia. ISBN 978-0-6450669-3-7.
  • Heitmann S, Aburn M, Breakspear M (2017) The Brain Dynamics Toolbox for Matlab. Neurocomputing. Vol 315. p82-88. doi:10.1016/j.neucom.2018.06.026

Handbook & Online Courses

The handbook is the official guide to the Brain Dynamics Toolbox. It can be purchased from most online bookstores. Online training courses are also available. Toolbox Basics is a beginner-level course that guides new users through the installation process and running the example models. The Modeller’s Workshop is an intermediate-level course for those that wish to program their own models. The courses are hosted by Teachable.


The toolbox ships with 60 example models. Users can also share their models on the Community Collection hosted by Zenodo. All uploads to Zenodo are assigned a DOI that can be cited in pre-prints and peer-reviewed papers.

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Open Source License

The Brain Dynamics Toolbox software is distributed freely under the 2-clause BSD license.


Older versions of the software can be downloaded from